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Retirement Or WHAT NEXT provides support for Women Over 50 - Workshops, Support Groups, Consultations, Presentations
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Monthly Support Groups

Through the support group discussions, I was reminded how resourceful I have been throughout my life and came to see that I must trust that will bring me contentment after my next transition. I have stopped thinking that I must create a perfect life after retirement. My life will, like everyone else's at any stage, have imperfections. There should be no one's expectations that I should strive to meet, or no one I should fear disappointing.

Environmental Scientist,
Federal Government

Facilitated informal discussion groups

The support groups are facilitated informal discussion groups.

This exciting new form of work we are doing was inspired by numerous requests for an on-going support group in the Washington, DC area and Denver, Colorado. We discuss concerns and questions on the issues of transition, retirement, and "what next" for Women Over 50.

Monthly meetings - time to process, regular and frequent guidance

The schedule of monthly meetings is specifically designed to leave sufficient time and space for processing and for new issues to emerge. The meetings then function as an important and supportive touchstone.

The meetings are facilitated in a way that provides a more open structure allowing a natural process to emerge from the group itself.  This has proven to be important, unique, creative, and helpful to the participants.

A supportive environment

Each group respects the confidentiality of each participant and we provide a safe, comfortable space in which to share. Group size is limited.

For dates, see our schedule >>

Support groups in the Washington DC area are facilitated by Karen Van Allen, MSW. Support groups in the Denver area are facilitated by Ruth Neubauer, MSW.

Whether or not you have attended our weekend workshops, this support group is for you if you find yourself in a transitional time in your life and wish to be part of a community of women.

Check the schedule page for the cost of our Monthly Support Groups.


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